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Firstly, I would like to say our greeting with Goodwill into Co-operation and Development

During the establishment and operation process with development trends of the present society, HONG THIEN COMPANY STOCK COMPANIES BUSINESS AND CORE BARREL has always deeply understood customers’ demands; therefore we always try our best to supply customers the best quality products.

Our Company is one of the first companies in the North to specialize in paper core barrel production for package industry, textile industry, chrome steel rolling, iron sheet and so on.

 HONG THIEN COMPANY STOCK COMPANIES BUSINESS AND CORE BARREL specialize in production of paper tubes from finished paper materials (excluding paper pulp making process), we specialize in paper core with the phi from 38mm to 500 mm.

With diversified product lines from designs, sizes and types which are produced from modern machines and the most advanced technology, our products always meet all requirements of strict quality control through each production stage to bring customers the peace of mind and convenience.

Currently, Company has constantly been developing in all aspects of infrastructure, enhanced business qualification and employee and staff management to meet the requirements of social development.

We would like to say our deep thank you to customers who have supported us in the past and we hope that you are source of motivation to co-operate to reach more and more achievements in business avenues.

The satisfaction of customers is the measure of our success and fruit of great labor achievements

We wish to cooperate, to serve you!



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